Fixing Polygons in OSM

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Comparison map

To see what the map would look like if we removed old style multipolygons, you can use our comparison map.

There are some areas in central Europe with a lot of (or larger) old style multipolygons. Some other clusters can be seen here:




For those who want to dive deeper into the data we offer several downloads. Files are updated daily from current planet. The timestamp file contains the time of the last update in ISO format.

Spatialite database containing information about all problems found in OSM areas (about 1.2 GByte). Get this QGIS project file and put it in the same directory as the areas.db file and run qgis area-errors.qgs.
Sqlite database containing daily statistics on areas in OSM (small file).
OSM PBF file containing only old-style multipolygons, ie relations tagged only with type=multipolygon with all dependant ways and nodes (about 300 MBytes).
A shapefile with all ways contained in the file above, so these are the geometries of all ways that are members of old-style multipolygons. (about 440 MBytes)